I needed this. I am not a professional wedding or event photographer (yet) but I have been thinking about it and striving for professional quality while doing pro-bono work for friend and neighbors. I found a delivery platform that connects beautifully to my workflow and launched a site with it, only to find that their best templates all had a 250 image per gallery max.

Setting aside my feelings on this, it's a fairly respected platform, so it got me wondering if I am not the odd man out and trying to deliver too many photos. And I am coming to the realization that yes! I need to be more ruthless in culling. Where exactly to let go? Not sure yet. But I needed this, thank you! And also Dr. Mike Jordan's comment below. Nice happy ending to that story!

SInce I am new to this, I won't mention the delivery platform I am playing with now but I will re-read your article and any other of your content for suggestions. I do think 250 is a rather arbitrary limit but again, the shocking conclusion is that I must be the outlier and to try and be more aggressive in culling. Both can be true! :)



Michael lives out in the woods with a camera and a computer.

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